Terms of Payment & Cancellation policy


 a) Payment

 The only acceptable methods of payment are credit card, cash, or bank deposit/wire transfer. CTS accepts most major credit cards such as Visa, Master Card and American Express .

 Once CTS provides confirmation of services and rate for same, traveler authorizes CTS to charge the quoted amounted on the credit card provided.

 In case of third-party payment using a credit card which is not in the traveler’s name, written consent of the cardholder is required, as well as a photocopy of the front and back of the credit card, and a photocopy of a valid ID of the cardholder.  Please see instructions on the form which will be provided by CTS.

 Payment in full is required upon confirmation of booked services.  Payment by wire transfer/bank deposit must be received within 24 hours of confirmation, and will only be accepted for services that do not fall under a cancellation deadline. 

 Courmouzis Travel has no obligation to deliver any travel documents prior to receipt of final payment.

In the case of non-receipt of a wire transfer/bank deposit, Courmouzis Travel may ask the traveler to provide proof of the transaction, as well as a credit card to cover the full amount of the wire transfer/bank deposit.


b)  Cancellations, Changes

The ability to change or cancel a service or product booked via Courmouzis Travel is subject to conditions set by each provider. Traveler is responsible for any costs that might arise in case of change or cancellation of a travel service as determined by conditions of each provider. If the provider gives the traveler the right to change or cancel a product or service, a traveler who wishes to make any changes or cancellations must notify Courmouzis Travel in writing via e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via fax at +30 210 9940 505.

 If the order for cancellation / change is not sent during Courmouzis Travel’s working hours, then the date of receipt of the order will be considered on the next business day.

Courmouzis Travel cannot cancel or modify a reservation until written notification is received. In case of cancellation, or partial cancellation of the booked itinerary or any other product or service made by the traveler through Courmouzis Travel, the remuneration of Courmouzis Travel for the mediation between the traveler and the provider is non-refundable, and the fixed costs are as follows:

  • Hotels / Cars / Transfers: 3% of the total amount for each reservation or product, unless the payment was made through a bank transfer, plus the cancellation fee of the provider.

In addition, a service fee of 10 € will apply for rebooking and reissuance, plus the cost of any additional services requested.


The date for refunding a cancellation depends on the type of service. Refunds on most services that Courmouzis Travel offers will be made within 30 days after the cancellation date.  Refunds from certain types of providers such as airlines and event venues can sometimes take longer.

Rejection of reservation

Courmouzis Travel’ has the right to reject reservation orders entered by the traveler if he/she has violated the terms of use of the site.

Provisions relating to passports, visas, currency and health regulations

If the traveler is traveling abroad he/she should comply with the relevant provisions on passports, visas, customs, taxes, and provisions for imports and exports, as well as health conditions. The responsibility for complying with the above provisions shall be carried out by the traveler. For authoritative information, the traveler should contact the provider of the travel/excursion, or the consulate of the country he/she will travel to.

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